New Volunteer Warehouse Role

28th September 2018

Stratford foodbank are looking for a volunteer to assist their (volunteer) warehouse manager to monitor and manage stock levels in the warehouse in the role of ‘Food Share Coordinator’.

Food donations to the Foodbank are largely made by the public, either individually or through schools, churches, businesses and local groups and organisations. The warehouse needs to hold a balanced range of food to ensure that the parcels distributed meet nutritional guidelines laid down by the Trussell Trust. This can be challenging, as the warehouse is small and constant vigilance is required to spot gaps and identify overstocks. If there are overstocks of a particular food type that can mean there is not space in the warehouse for the full range. On occasions the reverse can be true, ie the Foodbank runs short of items and needs to find a way to get these items in.

The Food Share coordinator assists with this situation by being the main point of contact between the Foodbank and a number of organisations across the region that support those in crisis through food distribution.

Full job spec here



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