A Yummy Way to Help Us!

23rd July 2019

School Council representatives Ed and Esme from Snitterfield School were given an extra warm welcome when they visited us recently, for a tour of the Foodbank with Jayne Caithness. After Ed and Esme’s visit they, and Annette O’Hara one of our volunteers, spoke to the whole school in an Assembly about the work of the Foodbank, explaining what an important role it has in the community. The children learned as well that it is run by volunteers. The school decided that they would like to help us with the important work we do in Stratford and the surrounding area, so they very kindly held a non-uniform day and a bake sale to raise vital funds for the Foodbank They did a brilliant job and raised £220.65, so we would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who was involved in making this generous donation possible.

The community of Snitterfield are very active in their support of the Foodbank, the village shop has a collection basket for donations, and we are delighted that Stratford Oaks Golf Club, Stratford on Avon Gliding Club and The Farm are supporting our fundraising with prizes for our upcoming Prize Draw.

Whilst the donations of food we receive from very generous supporters are extremely important and it goes without saying, appreciated, raising funds for us is also another great way to get involved in helping your local foodbank, and of course the community. We know that schools do think of us, as they are a source of great support with their Harvest festival and Christmas gifts, so if you or a school you are associated with, would also like to get involved with fundraising events for the Foodbank, then we would really love to hear from you.

Bake Sale at Snitterfield School

Ed and Esme visiting Stratford Foodbank

Following their visit to the Foodbank, Ed and Esme inspired fellow Snitterfield school pupils to design posters, which we were delighted to receive and which are now displayed proudly in our cabin.


Ed and Esme visiting Stratford Foodbank

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