A Huge Thank You to the Municipal Charities of Stratford upon Avon

30th August 2019

We all know how fast time disappears, and it hardly seems 9 months ago that we received a very generous donation of £3,000 from the Municipal Charities of Stratford upon Avon. We are so grateful to have received this grant which has enabled us to help more members of the community in which we live.

The Municipal Charities of Stratford upon Avon is one of Stratford’s best kept secrets. It supports a wide range of people living in the town and has done so for hundreds of years. It has a long and detailed history of helping local people with housing and providing grants facilitated via a number of charities set up by well-meaning bodies, philanthropic individuals and families connected with Stratford upon Avon. Over the years, the number of charities have amalgamated resulting in four separate almshouse charities and three grant-giving charities coming together under the name of ‘The Municipal Charities of Stratford upon Avon’.

The grant giving charities are limited by their Governing Deed to being able to support people who are facing hardship or distress in Stratford on Avon only, and they do this by providing items like white goods and sometimes shopping vouchers. People can self-refer to the Charity or be referred via signposting from places such as Stratford Foodbank, the Parenting Project or the CAB. The best place to find out more is to visit their website, where there are guidance notes and a contact form for those who feel they may be eligible for a grant to pursue it further. Any application is, of course, treated in complete confidence.  To contact the charity click  here

The Trustees of the charity are very aware of the real needs of people in today’s difficult climate and also the increasing number, and needs, of older people. They have  Almshouses on Church Street, Guild Street, Brookvale Road and Albany Road that are specifically for older, potentially vulnerable people, so do take a look at their website  if you are interested to know more.

So, a huge ‘thank you’ to the Municipal Charities of Stratford on Avon. Without their donation we would not be able to do the work we are doing now, providing 255 parcels a month to people and families struggling in our town.



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