Townswomen’s Guild are Great!

16th October 2019

Stratford Foodbank is very blessed to be supported by such wonderful people, businesses and organisations in and around the local area. We have featured some of them in our recent web stories, and now we would like to thank another group of people who have been in the town for many years.

The Townswomen’s Guild in Stratford have recently celebrated their 75th birthday, whilst the national organisation has, also this year, seen its 90th anniversary. Stratford Foodbank would like to say thank you very much to the Stratford branch of the Guild for choosing us as their Charity of the Year to support through monthly collections of food. We are always delighted to be a chosen charity, as we can then share the benefits with so many deserving people in Stratford.

As women began to gain stature in the early 1900’s after gaining the right to vote, the Townswomen’s Guild grew from suffrage foundations and has always been about empowering women to improve their own lives, as well as those of other women. They are a charity which supports other local charities, and besides helping the Foodbank this year, they have over recent years supported MIND and the women’s refuge.

Whilst the guild are now in their twilight years, sadly, it seems that in the not-too-distant future they might be forced to fold due to lack of members.  In an age when women are still striving for equality and in the turbulent times which we are currently living through, it seems surprising that more younger women are not joining the ranks of these more mature ladies, including several ex-Mayors, of Stratford. The Guild meet at Stratford Town Hall on the first Thursday of each month from 2.30pm until 4pm, which was where Marion, the Foodbank Manager, could be found talking to the members about the work of the Foodbank at their Harvest Lunch. Visitors are always welcome and for a £1 entrance charge, tea and coffee as well as an interesting speaker, it seems extremely good value. Becoming a member requires an annual joining fee, but there are usually two or three trips planned throughout the year, and the next one might tempt some of you as it is a shopping trip to Cheltenham, just timed for you to do some festive shopping!  If you are interested in finding out more about the Townswomen’s Guild, take a look at their website



Foodbank volunteer Sheila Price auctioning vegetables for charity

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