Spreading the Word

27th October 2019

Manager Marion Homer and committee member David Whitfield attended Stratford Upon Avon Provider Fair at the Jobcentre on Wednesday 16th October, as the face of Stratford Foodbank, offering information on the work of our vital service to the local people of the town.

Initially they were able to interact with local professionals from various organisations, sharing information about the work of the Foodbank and also gaining knowledge about other various support groups available in the town for residents. The second half of the morning was open to the general public, including jobseekers and customers of other organisations who offer assistance to the unemployed.

Marion felt it was important to have a presence at the fair, as the Foodbank is an important part of the welfare services that Stratford offers to those who are down on their luck. Whilst people are not able to self-refer, it is very important that they know of our existence and that they can benefit from our services.

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